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Best Chess tutors are here !!

Unleash your inner chess master! Our experienced tutors elevate players of all ages to new heights, unlocking their strategic potential and igniting their passion for the game.

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Customized lessons

Our engaging lessons, designed specifically for your skill level, will guide you on your path to chess mastery

Dedicated chess tutor

Your learning journey is guided by a master chess tutor whose  ensures a personal experience that adapts to your style.

Scientific training

Founded on scientifically proven principles,our training effectively helps students level up

Schedule your free demo session.

Unlock your chess potential with a free Zoom assessment! We'll provide a fun and value-packed experience, teaching you chess tips, strategizing your long-term improvement, and discussing our recommended programs and pricing.



Get paired with an expert chess tutor

Based on our initial discussion, we'll recommend a chess instructor who aligns with your learning goals and fosters a positive learning experience.

Start your chess mastery journey

Lessons are available weekdays and weekends from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM EST. Schedule your preferred times and frequency.


What to expect

Transform your game

From curious novices to seasoned masters, whether you’re a budding chess kid or an adult improver, our value-packed chess lessons help our students unleash their inner chess master and discover the exciting world of the game.

Unlock the secrets of the strategic English Opening, navigate the complex waters of the Sicilian Defense, and become a master of critical endgames. Learn to cut out blunders and start to think like a strong chess player.

Compete in a chess tournament, defeat your friends with ease, or simply engage in a timeless activity of skill, wits, and creativity - our students do it all!

Ready to get started?

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